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1939 National Air Mail Week (May 15 -21, 1939) Air Mail Envelope Added to Collection:

Recently, a member spotted this remarkable piece of local history on It is the earliest known example of promotion of Eatonton, Georgia being known internationally as the home of The Uncle Remus Stories. It was postmarked here in Eatonton at the "new" post office on Jefferson Avenue on May 23, 1939 at 3:00 PM and mailed to the Postmaster of Waban, Massachusettes. The sepia-tone image within the frame is of Uncle Remus, The Little Boy and Brer Rabbit and appear to have been based on the A.B. Frost drawings which appear in the early publications of Uncle Remus, His Songs and Sayings, first published in 1880/81.

1939 Uncle Remus Promotional Air Mail Envelope